About Orc Girl

A Tawdry Romantic Comedy In a High Fantasy Setting!

Jenny Harper, a geeky 29-year-old spends her spare time dreaming of fantasy worlds, great adventures, and passionate love stories. But when she begins to have strange "episodes" that seem to take to her to unknown places, for a short period of time, she begins to question her grip on reality. One day she awakens to find herself in a strange world, like the ones she's spent her whole life imagining, only to be kidnapped by a ruthless band of mercenaries! Jenny is soon "rescued," however, by the fearsome leader, and king, of a raiding band of orcs! The orc king then gives her a choice: she can either be released and left to wander the forest of a foreign land alone or be given shelter and protection in exchange for one thing...

She must surrender her freedom as his "human pet."