Jenny Harper

Jenny is our main protagonist. She is a geeky 29-year-old bank teller who, bored with her humdrum life, spends most of her free time immersed in her favorite books, movies and video games... well until she is actually transported to a fantasy world like the ones in her favorites stories! There she is kidnapped by mercenaries only to be "rescued" by the king of a raiding band of orcs! The orc king, Vargan, gives Jenny a choice: he can free her and let her wander a strange fantasy world alone, or she can surrender herself... as his "human pet." Fearing for her life, Jenny agrees to become the Vargan's pet. Although she is frightened at first, her life as a human pet isn't so bad. She spends her days exploring the castle, learning the orcish language, telling stories to orc children and perusing the castle library. She quickly makes friends with the castle doctor a dark elf named Caeleth, and Vargan's half-orc captain of the guard, Urog.  Also her nights with the Vargan are certainly not dull... But life as a human in an orc city is certainly not easy, especially when you're falling in love with an orc king.


Vargan is the Orc King. He resides over the orc kingdom of South Keep high atop the Pyre Mountains. He is also Jenny's Master and love interest. Although he has a gruff, intimidating exterior he is a fair and just king, with a gentle heart. He was the first leader in orc history to hire a half-orc as a government official. Urog, the half-orc, is his captain of the guard. He takes on Jenny as his human pet, and while she is required to submit to him per their agreement, he is kind and indulgent towards her. He admires her will, spirit and honor which is why he took her as his pet in the first place. And of course her curvy body didn't hurt either... It doesn't take him long to fall in love with Jenny, but being the orc king, choosing a human mate is not a popular decision.


Urog is the half-orc, half-human Captain of the Guard in the orc kingdom of South Keep. His mother is orc, and his father (presumed deceased) was human. He is also Jenny's best friend, and a skilled archer.


Caeleth, a dark elf, is the castle doctor of South Keep. Cynical and wise-cracking, she's not always good with bedside manner, but she soon becomes Jenny's friend. Her medical practice is a mixture of science and magic healing, but even so she is mistrusted by many in South Keep as orcs usually prefer to visit a shaman for their ailments, and doubly so because she's an elf. Caeleth isn't offended by this, however, as she understands orcs are superstitious folk. She says to Jenny: "If you have a broken heart you see a shaman; if you have a broken arm you see a doctor."