Jenny takes a step towards Vargan and embraces him. They kiss passionately.

At long last! Sorry everyone. It seems just about the time I get back into a steady schedule again, BAM! Life happens and suddenly I'm behind on updates. But the next page has already been inked and I've sent it to my assistant to be colored.

The past month has been a little busy! Work is of course a never-ending stream of projects. But I have also been taking more time for myself. I've been spending a lot less time on social media, and instead playing games, reading and going to the gym every day.
Also... I got engaged at the end of January! I haven't said much about it on social media just yet. But I wanted to give you folks a little insight into what's been going on in my world, lately. Looks like I've got lots of wedding planning ahead in addition to everything else. But I will try my best to keep up with new pages of Orc Girl in spite of it all.